Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Middle Schooler, Mark Twain, and The Seahawks walk into a weekend....

Things I've learneed from hanging out with middle school girls, Mark Twain, and Russell Wilson:

1) Middle School Girls are very different from middle school boys, but they still have the middle school sense of humor (aka: potty humor)

2) When planning a camp it's always a good idea to know the complete outline of what your speaker will be speaking on. If you don't, you'll end up playing defense instead of rejoicing in the victory. 

3) If you start to feel a cold coming on as you head up the mountain it will surely turn into a full-fledged chest and head cold by the end of the late-night/early-morning and go-go-go weekend. 

3a) Said cold will linger until you are able to catch up on sleep..........six weeks later. 

4) No matter what my brain thinks, I am NOT a 20-something any longer! 

5) Mark Twain has a wicked funny sense of humor, but he really missed the mark on getting to know God. 

6) Hal Holbrook must really have a hard time in the mornings when he's getting ready to go. I mean, he's played Mark Twain for 60 years! When he looks in the mirror I wonder if he has to look at the calendar to figure out which one he is at that time. 

7) No matter how many times the director says it wouldn't be a bad thing for you to leave camp in the middle and run back into town to see Mark Twain (a bucket list item for YEARS), it is never a good idea to leave camp in the middle and come back. (see item #2)

8) Being the parent of a 6th grader is really hard when 8th grade lives intersect. There's a lot of difference between 10/11 and 13/14!

9) Prayer changes things.

10) God is never surprised, but we sure are!

11) Innocence is a beautiful character trait.

12) My husband is a really great guy to hang out with, and sitting at a sushi bar is the best. 

13) Middle Schoolers in general have a lot more hurt than my generation did at the same age. There's something seriously wrong with that. 

14) There are legions of thoughts running around in my head about the reasons why we have failed our children, but, like the demons in the man Jesus healed, they aren't really doing much good or making much sense right now. 

15) If you ever have the opportunity to attend a show in a really old theater, do it. The architecture is to be admired and appreciated just as much as the show. 

16) My love for the Word of God, and desire to share it with (and ignite a spark for) people of all ages is bigger than ever. (see #13)

17) Christian athletes are cool. 

18) Adults who are willing to work with Middle Schoolers and share Christ with them are even cooler. 

19) Watching the Super Bowl with friends who like the same team is great - much more fun than last year when we were cheering against each other. 

20) No matter what play the Seahawks call in the last two minutes to lose the game....I will always be a proud Seahawks 12th Woman!
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