Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nehemiah 8:5

"Ezra stood on the platform in full view of all the people. When they saw him open the book they all rose to their feet."

Earlier in Nehemiah 8 it explains to whom Ezra is reading...and what. He had brought the scroll (the Scriptures) before the men, the women and all the children who were old enough to understand. He had on either side of him leaders of all the people ~ I'm picturing a stage where someone is being honored and all these important people are up there with them to signify the IMPORTANT importance of this person. But in this case they are there to stand as "honored guards" if you will ~ these men are preparing the people for the HOLY SCRIPTURES to be read. And when the people saw that Ezra was ready to read ~ that he had opened The Scroll ~ they stood in honor of what they were about to hear. I like to think they stood as an stand and lean forward a bit so as to make sure they didn't miss anything he read. In verse 6 it describes that when he finished the people yelled out AMEN! and raised their hands in praise as they bowed down and worshiped the One True God. What a BEAUTIFUL picture, isn't it? Imagine the masses...all raising their hands and bowing down, putting their faces to the ground as they worship...WORSHIP...submit themselves to His power...and give up their glory for HIS GLORY.

How about you today? Have you spent time in The Word? Read the passage above again...follow the link and read the beautiful description of what it looks like when the Scriptures are treated correctly ~ when they are taught so as to open the door of understanding and the essence of the very God we serve and love. Read it...soak in it...let go of you and grab more of Him.

"All of You is more than enough for all of me...for every thirst and every need...You satisfy me with Your love and all I have in You is more than enough."