Wednesday, March 25, 2015

The War For Our Kids

Okay, my praying friends...I have some serious prayer requests for you this morning. .They're prayer requests that break my heart with the full-on attack they are, and I often don't have words to convey the magnitude of fight I want for these. However, as I read in my devotional "Forgotten God" by Francis Chan this morning, I know the Holy Spirit prays for us when we have no words...when we don't know what to do...when we.......can't. I cling to that this morning.

I have several people close to me who are dealing with the pain of kids being attacked by the enemy. They're being told they are worthless, they have no purpose, they don't belong, they just need to end it all. Not by people around them - but by "voices". If you're not a Christian, or you don't believe there is spiritual warfare going on, you'll just think they're crazy. I, however, fully believe these kids are being attacked because there are plans for them to reach their generation for Christ and the enemy wants to stop them before they have the chance. One little girl is in an emergency situation right now, and others fight this battle while at school....while at home...when they least expect it. I will not get in a debate or discussion about how these are the kids who cause problems because they are not. These are the kids you would not suspect if you knew them. These are kids who are cutting their skin so they have something to blame the pain on...these are kids who are laughing with their friends at school, smiling on the outside and hurting like crazy on the inside. These are the kids you'd never suspect. Sometimes, the ones who are outwardly showing the same issues are the ones who will be okay because someone sees them (pray that if you run into someone like that you SEE them...), but the ones who don't show it? PRAY! Pray for the suicidal young girl who told her friends goodbye yesterday and today is fighting a fight with her mom by her side in a hospital. Pray for the young girl who is dealing with depression so severe she can't sleep....Pray for the young boy who is feeling lost and hopeless because he feels like he's failed and can't see a way out. Pray for the boy who is being told he's something he's not. Pray for the girl who stands out and isn't afraid to be different, but is told she's weird and doesn't belong because of it. Pray for the kids who are looking for acceptance, worth, and hope....that they will find the true peace that passes all understanding (and in doing so, find all those things and more).

Pray, too, for the parents of these kids. It's easy to ask for prayer when your child is sick, or facing something at school or wherever, but it's an entirely different thing to put up a Facebook post that says, "hey, will you pray for you my child? They are on suicide watch and I've had to take all razors away so they can't hurt themselves. Thanks." Pray that they would reach out to someone who can walk beside them and help them cling to the truth - if God is for us, who can be against us? The fact - He created all things, and IN HIM all things hold together. The promise - He will never leave you nor forsake you. The hope - He will work all things out for good for those whose hope is found in Him.

I have a running list of students I pray for....if you have someone you'd like added, please inbox me and let me know.

I fully believe, folks, that this generation is going to do mighty things, and our prayers are going to make a huge difference! Thanks for praying!