Monday, January 16, 2017


For the past four years I've chosen to leave side the typical New Year's Resolutions and opt for One Word that encompasses what my mindset needs to be. It has proven very helpful in that it's easy to render, it's something I am constantly reminded of as I hear that weird in random places, and it's usually just a great reminder to reset throughout the year. Resolutions made me feel worthless and unsuccessful because, although I had the best of intentions, I found that I was not fully bought in to the outcome. With my One Word I have found the opposite to be true.

My past words have been "Ponder", "Dig", and "Reveal". This year's word is "Release". I've chosen to release the expectations I've placed on myself, on my family, and, believe it or not, God. It's only January 16th and it's already gotten A LOT of use! LOL!

So what about you? What word would you put in place to set your focus for the year ahead? Yesterday our pastor said his was "healthy". I have another friend whose word is "harmony", and another who chose "stronger". It took me awhile to get to my word, but it's already proven to be perfect for me.

I look forward to reading about your word...please share it below. Gabe a great day, and a blessed year!