Friday, January 30, 2015

Middle School Ministry Rocks!

I have the awesome privilege of working with our Middle School group at our church each Sunday and Wednesday. I work with 6th grade girls, and although girls are SO different from my boys I'm raising, I thoroughly enjoy investing in them. 

This weekend we get to do some heavy investing - winter camp! Woo Hoo! Problem is.....I moved away from the snow. I like the look of snow, but I don't like hanging out in the snow. Aaaaaand, we're headed to the snow. 

Would you please pray for us? 

Here's what you can pray: 

* that these 150 middle schoolers will encounter the One True Living God - the UNSEEN One
* that through this weekend their hearts will be spurred on to outbursts of love and good deeds toward their community - at home, at school, at play and at church. 
* that fun will be had and no injuries will occur/ and that we'll all be safe and protected from harm.
* that friendships of accountability and challenge-toward-growth would be the norm and expectation.
* that we'll make it home in time on Sunday to see the Seahawks play the Patriots (due to the fact that I don't know who reads this blog, I will deter from saying "watching the Seahawks beat the Pats" You're welcome. :) )
* most of all - that this would be a God-Centered weekend! He is why we do what we do. May these students KNOW beyond the shadow of a doubt that He loves them, sees them, and knows them...and that He wants THEM to KNOW HIM. 

Thank you!!

PS: I've been asking people to pray for my's helping because taking my eyes off the fact that I'm going to be camping out in the snow and will instead be hanging with some pretty fascinating young people is beginning to excite me! So, thanks for praying!!

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